Bring It.

Offering TOOLS FOR LIFE!!! GIRLS' (and Cheerleader!) EVENT (MAY 6th), TICKETS available March 20th UNTIL Friday, APRIL 28th.

Thank you to Tania DeJonge of A Driven Design and Melissa Downing for the creation of this amazing video.

For any info on our March 31st "Adulting Journey" event please head over to our EVENTS Page (Adulting Journey)

So many challenges today for our young are centred around confidence, resilience, inner strength, friendships and so much more. We are trying to do our part in helping create positive, empathetic, resilient people, who can face fear and "do it anyway". By creating and cultivating conversation about these topics and more, we hope as Mothers we are doing our part to help the next generation.

Our Events are about creating a connection with all generations. Attendees, our Bring It Guides (20-30 year olds) and Adults of today all wishing to help each other. It really does take a Community to raise a Child and we try to cultivate this type of support by connecting all. We get Community involvement through both sponsorship (we cannot offer this inspiring day at the price we do without this - and we are not willing to make it expensive so some miss out), involvement and volunteerism. And we can't say thank you enough.

When we ask, the Community answers and we are humbled by the support. Please contact us at if you'd like to support our mission, and our Community.