Bring It.

There are many challenges our children face. In our own way, Bring It aims to help with improving confidence, inner strength, resillience, empathy and teaching children about fighting fears by offering smaller, one-day events throughout the year to cultivate conversation about, learning of and hearing important ways to face fears - while having fun (oh so important to us at Bring It!)..

Led by Founder, Carolyn Martyn Bring It for girls is our way of taking on the challenge of trying to make change in and for our children's future. We are here to move mountains....

We believe London Ontario where we began to be one of the most giving Communities. When we ask, the Community answers and we are humbled by the support of our Venture.

We helped our girls Find Their Brave in 2016...and are also currently creating a program for Boys in early 2018. Please contact us if you'd like to support our mission - and our children! Thank you...

- Heartfelt thanks from Carolyn and The Bring It Team :)

For any questions, please contact us at:

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