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2017 Info

This year’s requirement:

It is very important to us, that we help with confidence, resilience, facing fears and so many other tools for life. But…offering a morning of inspiration is one thing. Having the attendees go home and continue the conversations with someone though, we believe is KEY to truly helping.  So, for this reason we are requiring a Legal Guardian: parent/caregiver/teacher/supervisor to come with the attendee. It can also be someone assigned by the legal guardian.

We want all to experience this together – as women we’ve found when we share we inspire, learn – and most importantly find we aren’t alone in our struggles. We want our young girls to know this too.  By offering this day to both, it now creates conversation for at home or school…continues the discussions…..and hopefully, some challenges may be realized that before were unknown…and the girl will know she has the support.

We don’t want anyone to feel alone. For those girls coming with schools or groups who perhaps are unable to have a Parent/Caregiver attend, we have some incredible BRING IT GUIDES standing by to inspire them for the day.

We will make sure everyone has a Cheerleader there on this special day.

Have any questions or need help with this? Contact us at and let us know!


  • Registration: 8:30 – 8:50 a.m.
  • 8:50 “Group Celebration” – adults and girls alike will be inspired the moment they walk in and together!
  • Throughout the day attendees will be broken up into smaller groups to hear all of our inspiring speakers and facilitators (more info to come!)
  • NO TABLES this year! Bring your favourite pillow/blanket and let’s get comfy…while having room for interacting.
  • The afternoon is full of incredible activities that will help with anxiety, stress, build confidence and more
  • Panel: We are super excited to be offering a panel this year. With women of varying ages; the girls will be able to interact and ask questions.
  • 12:30 End of Day celebration!


Tickets available:

Tickets will be offered on March 20th; check back here or on our Facebook Page for the link.


This year we are offering a strict deadline for ticket sales.

Please ensure you’ve bought yours by FRIDAY, APRIL 28th. No tickets will be available after this date.


We can’t wait!

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