Bring It.

BRING IT #4:  

Stay tuned for our next Event at Goodwill Industries



Igniting positive impact by empowering individuals through learning, (laughter!) and collaboration.




To provide an environment where we treat each other with respect, dignity and honesty.
To embrace and celebrate everyone and encourage diversity by being an equal opportunities Social Enterprise without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender or disability.
To contribute positively to each Community by:

1) offering impactful events, workshops, speaking and collaboration
2) initiating reciprocal relationships within the Community

To provide an environment that fosters transparency, flexibility, safety, creativity and leadership
To create opportunities for individuals to connect, communicate and reflect upon real-time issues.

To encourage growth through ongoing research and programme development, mentorship and training.
To inspire volunteerism in turn to cause a perpetual surge of kindness in the Community!

To create the “it takes a village” environment. Moms and Caregivers are now included in the day!



To create a kinder, more empathetic and confident community that continues to foster and inspire these values in future generations.


What began as events for girls in grades 6-8 has evolved and we so look forward to opening this up to their Moms/ Caregivers/ Mentors this year. Each girl comes with an adult so we can create some awesome conversations at home!




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