Bring It.

Events and Workshops


We’re excited!

We are excited to be offering more events.  From workshops to additional Conferences, we are hoping we can help many “BRING IT” in the years to come.

Motivational Speaking for Schools, Higher Education, Clubs, Organizations and Groups also available.

We have many new events always in the works. Subjects to be covered at our many Events are:

* Body Image and Self Love

* Bullying: confidence, empathy, building positive friendships and knowing when someone in your life is toxic.

* Alleviating anxiety: with many anxious over many situations, we want to do what we can to help.

* Personalities of Friends: There are different types of personalities out there. It is an art to learn how people tick and more importantly how to talk to them in “their” language. This is something many learn as they age; we thought how amazing if young girls got the idea sooner!

* Being Confident, Bold and YOU: discussing what these really mean for everyone and how to get more/ be more of what they wish to be.

* Time-management, goal setting and the art of studying! Keeping it fun, we’ll delve into what these are, how to create timelines and how to reach any type of goal possible with the right tools.

* Finding your Brave: what is “brave”? How do we lean into our fears and find that courage we sometimes don’t feel? This interactive component will help the participants find their Brave and help others in the process.

* How to budget: We want to offer much in the way of financial wisdom. Not just how to budget, but how to figure out much to do with this part of life as we get out into the world.

* Helping others: It is a known fact that when you help someone else you feel great about yourself too. In this interactive workshop we will help girls find what they like to do; how they can help themselves, their friends and the Community – and knowing that regardless of age, they are important and valued.

* Bring It Strong: A day-long workshop on health, wellness, strength of mind, body, spirit to help you feel strong from top to toe!

* Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle: How to look professional, dress professionally and create the right impression for your journey!


And so much more. We are a small but mighty Team with the intention to make change…..where we can.

Bring It


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