Bring It.


We have various workshops (also known as bringles) we are currently working on. Please check back regularly for more information since we hope to cater to many age groups.

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This is comprised of three workshops. You may sign up the girl in your life (10-14) for one…or all three.

** We offer these for every age so if you have a group of girls or women (under or over 30) who would like us to come out, please reach out!

*** We offer condensed versions of the below series to groups; again…reach out if you are interested.

DATES: See below by each workshop.

Topics covered:

* What is healthy body image
* Self Love
* Self Talk/ Inner Dialogue
* Self Respect
* Health and Wellness

* Perfectionism
* Overwhelmed
* Talking Weight, Shape, Size
* Judgement and Comparison

* Social Media
* Friendships and your Tribe
* Bullying
* Building a Community
* Creating an Impact

More to come! For the alternate ages of girls and women of all ages too.

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