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Carolyn’s Confidence Corner

Rather than write about my weekly tips for confidence, this week more than ever I felt it important to offer words of hope, positivity, love and inclusiveness.

If you are like me, you will see on social media the sadness, outrage, divisiveness and negativity that has been brought about as of the US Election. Quite frankly, it’s drained me and I can’t even look at my Facebook feed right now since I’m a positive thinker and can’t take all this negativity.

So I want to do my “part” in trying to get positivity back on the playing field.

None of this negativity gets us anywhere. Yes. People are sad, scared, hurt. Yes this is very scary for some individuals who are fearful of comments that have been made, and I never will take that from someone or judge them for it. If, however as a world, we are meant to succeed, if we are to help get through this challenging time we see, it’s up to us to change what we can.

We need to be the change we wish to see

I’m not saying ignore concerns and definitely not being political in any way here. Nor am I judging others for feeling a certain way. What I do want though is the fire to be quelled. For people to start coming together; agreeing to disagree and being okay with different opinions.  The idea here is not to minimize anything, make light of it, but honestly, at the end of the day by seeing and hearing such negative dialogue everywhere, doesn’t fix a problem, create success or help make change.  At some point we have to do this for ourselves.

Perhaps we can’t create big change ourselves in the world…but we can change how we feel, behave and react.

And that means not adding to fires, not getting into argument over differing opinions. Not judging, commenting negatively or thinking badly of others for one reason or another.

If EVER there was a need for more empathy it is NOW

I’ve almost died….and what this taught me was that whenever a health challenge is thrown my way – or any challenge for that matter – is to “suck it up buttercup” in that I can deal with it (which includes be scared too!), face it head-on and try to work over, under, around or through the problem. Or I can sit, squawk, be sorry for myself and lash out. I’ve learnt about a strength I had that I didn’t find until my adult years…yet had been there all along inside. And you have it in you too.

We can read all we are reading and be angry, upset, scared – lash out, argue and continue this spiral of negativity – or we in our own way can start to make positive headway. Nothing in life is ever always rosy. We need to be okay with that. The only way the world, countries, provinces, cities, communities, schools, playgrounds, homes will improve is if we deal with what the situation is and create more open, supportive communication, empathy, understanding and inclusiveness. We can sit and be sorry for the fact that a President was or wasn’t elected. Or we can pull together, as a people, creating positive, meaningful, inclusive conversation…and hope that the leaders of the world follow suit. They don’t give or take our power from us.

How we behave does.

If you’re a parent reading this: be cognizant of what you are saying around your children. They may be scared, unsure and read off your emotions. They may then take this negativity and fear to school. Time for us to really think about what is being said with our kids around.

This is a time of change. Some people like the change others not, but we can all handle it, rise to the challenge and embrace it – if we work together. So whether it’s on the playground or in a Gvt organization; we WILL get through this.

Think about your conversation, social media posts and thoughts from here on in: positive or negative? Do they make you happy or sad? Angry or relaxed. None of the negative emotions serve us. Don’t get me wrong; we all feel some from time to time; it’s only human…but we need to focus on the positive right now and embrace everyone’s opinions, thoughts concerns…whether or not we agree.

You’ve got this.


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