Bring It.


Be confident. Be bold. Be you. It sounds so simple, yet for many – old and young – we struggle with these.  We thank our various Speakers who over the years are helping us, help our Attendees.

2018 Speakers: COMING SOON:

Previous Inspiring women who’ve given their time, wisdom and inspiration to our Attendees:

Tessa Virtue: GOLD MEDALLIST! Personal Video appearance just for our Bring It 2016 attendees!

Becky Kellar, RBC Olympian

Aisha Addo, Power to Girl

Constable Sandasha Ferguson, London City Police

Cynthia Gibney, UWO

Nikki Tufts, Keynote

Helena Bugler, Active Spirit Yoga

Dr. Christine Tenk, Assoc. Professor, Brescia University College

Dennie Theodore, Similar Circles

Yvette Thornton, Flying Unlimited

Hannah Brown, 2015 Attendee who BROUGHT IT!



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