Bring It.

Women who’ve helped us

Over the past couple of years the following women jumped on board to give their time and energy to us to help our girls have the opportunity to be inspired.
Chelsea Brooks, Chief Tweeter!
Mariana Cejic, Director
Carolee Coulter
Melissa Downing
Kattie Forbes
Tania De Jonge
Carol Fickling
Laura Hilton
Alyssa Jarvis
Candice Lisk
Caitlyn Keable
Jenn Lemieux
Serena Quinn
Elaine Steel
Christine Tenk

The Bring It Organizing Team is a group of Women in the London Community.  We are Mothers, Sisters, Wives, Daughters, Businesswomen, Educators and Students; all with a desire to make a change within our Community and hopefully as a result, farther afield.

Some of us know from personal experience the pressures girls go through and of the challenges in life; others have daughters or relatives who they’ve seen have hard challenges and want to make life better for our girls.

Either way, we all have a united goal: to help our girls grow up more confident, happier and supportive of each other through the wisdom and fun offered at our annual Event.

Many hours of blood, sweat and tears are put into our events. We all hold it close to our heart and want it to be the best experience. So please give a virtual “pat on the back” to these amazing women below who on top of busy lives, are taking time to help the youth of today!

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