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Paulie O’Byrne

Topic: Resilience!

Paulie O’Byrne has resiliency in his veins. After enduring a life of traumatic events that led into addiction and mental illnesses, he has gained strength from those painful moments. Sharing his story of bouncing back has captured audiences around Canada, and social media platforms have reached every continent on the planet.

 Advice he’d offer his Younger Self:

You’re valued, loved, desired, supported and BELIEVED.

Founder of I’m 1in5


Chantelle Diachina

Topic: Stress and Anxiety Management


Chantelle Diachina, B. Ed., M.Ed., a former educator turned social entrepreneur, is the founder of Prana Yoga & Wellness, a company that offers on-site yoga classes and stress-resiliency workshops for corporate clients. Her life’s mission is making emotional hygiene as important as brushing your teeth.

Advice she’d offer her Younger Self:

“Life isn’t going to go as you planned, but you’re going to be okay. In fact, you’ll thrive because you are stronger and wiser than you ever thought yourself to be. Not only will you make your own way in the world, it will be tremendously better than the box you let society convince you should try to fit into.”


Twitter: @paisley_girl73/@PranaLondon
Insight Timer meditation app: two free guided meditations “Relaxation for Busy People” & “Reconnect with Self”


Dean Anderson

Topic: Gratitude: How to apply it to your life; its effects on mental health, productivity, and overall happiness

Dean is a born and raised Londoner who loves to share his passion for change. Improv comedy, local theater and public speaking are just a few of the things Dean likes to do to stay active and have fun. He is an Addiction Recovery Specialist, the Creator of Webinars for Life, and Author of the upcoming Book Not No’ing to Death.

Advice he’d offer his Younger Self:

I don’t think I should talk to you; we’re going to mess up the space-time continum. You’ll be fine, Love you!

This GoFundMe campaign has been created to finance the development of a FREE online addiction relapse prevention program that will ultimately save lives. Please like, help and share or visit.


Carolyn Martyn, Founder

Topic: Oh where do I begin? (Seriously). How leaning into fear can help you find who you are (and more to the point: what you are capable of)

Carolyn Martyn, is a Motivational Speaker, Health, Wellness and Confidence Coach and creator of Bring It and The Adulting Journey.

Having almost died in her 20’s, to constant health challenges her character has been tested. A competitive tennis player growing up in England she had a wonderful life and it seems as she aged, her confidence became less; anxiety more. Her journey to create Bring It (which she says…..scared her more than anything in her life but had such a NEED to help impact others) is one which in the process of helping other people find their bold…actually had her find her.

Advice she’d offer her Younger Self:

Stop worrying. About what others think. About what happens if you fail or succeed at something. About the what-if’s. About being judged.  Take the emotion and ego out of what you do and just GO FOR IT regardless. Is it truly the end of the world if someone dislikes you? NO. Is it life-threatening if you fail? NO.  Just take the bull by the horns and GO FOR IT. Carolyn is living proof this can be done.  And one more: always be you…don’t change because of someone else.

Twitter: @cshinefit2


More info to come:

  • An Organization who will be joining us to offer an incredible, interactive workshop
  • A Young Woman in her 20’s offering her story..stay tuned!


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