Bring It.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our “must” is that all we do for our youth, is affordable for all – so everyone can hear the inspiration. With your help we can make this happen – so thank you for considering. For informationplease email us at and we’ll respond right away. Thank you!

One of the (many) reasons for organizing Bring It Impact Events was so we could help bring experts, professionals, and people who have experienced/ overcome challenges in life to attendees so they understand they aren’t alone in life; that they CAN get through challenges thrown their way and they learn about true, life skills.  We want to offer them “tools” of life today.


Promoted on all our social media platforms – until September 2017

Mentioned in any Radio, TV and print interviews if offered the opportunity again.

Place of prominence on Website and all promotional products

FULL-Page in Bring It Brochure/Journal offered to all Attendees and Volunteers

FACE BOOK LIVE interviews and promotions – offering a Facebook Live interview from Organization’s Office if Title Sponsor chooses

(Attendee T-shirts: Logo placement on sleeve)  **NB: T-shirts are offered at events only when we have sponsorship to cover them.


Inspired Sponsors – $1000+

Promoted on all our social media platforms – until September 2017

Placement on Bring It Website

Placement on marketing materials (posters) and in Brochure

Mention in one Facebook Live video


Bold Sponsors – $300 +

Mentioned on all our social media platforms

Placement on Bring It Website – until September 2017

Placement in Brochure


Table Sponsors – $100 +

All Table Sponsors and people offering $100 – $200 will be thanked by name (with permission) in our brochure on our “Community members who helped us Bring It” page.-

  • Due to our sponsorship and table sponsors we’ve also been able to welcome at least 60 girls so far from CAS, Merrymount, Boys and Girls Club, Big Sisters of London, An Indigenous School, New Refugees to our Country to experience Bring It for free.


Want to help us make this day happen to empower, inspire and create confidence in young minds but don’t know how? This is for you! We are grateful for every penny to help us succeed in what we hope to do.


In-Kind Sponsors

We are truly grateful to our In-Kind Sponsors; and appreciate all the assistance we can get to provide this event.

Areas we would appreciate the assistance:

  • Printing
  • Stationery Tools
  • Any Inspiring items for attendees



We ask for swag from People or Organizations who wish to get their product in front of girls, young women, and Parent (figures).

We ask that in order to offer a promotional item within, you offer a tangible item that the attendees would enjoy.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! For your support and help. Without you, we cannot do what we do; which is currently so needed.

Cheques are to be made payable to: Bring It Impact Events

Please contact us at: with any questions.


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