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Everything we do is a Team effort and as such, we are grateful for all those who offer their time. Please see email us at if you are interested.


If you wish to help at any of our Events, workshops, seminars or retreats please email us by clicking here: 
BRING IT IMPACT AGENTS (previously “Youth Leaders”):
We always engage young women 20-30 to help us, so if this is you and you have a passion to help younger minds succeed, don’t hesitate to contact us! Young women of today, helping young women of tomorrow. This role is integral to what we do and we are offering upcoming “Think Tanks” so we’d love to hear from you. It’s an inspiring, enjoyable Role.

For more information don’t hesitate to email us at If you are wishing to be an Impact Agent, please fill our our Bring It Impact Agent Application form and we will be in touch with all successful applicants.

The Bring It Team 🙂

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