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As a Social Enterprise in our Community, Bring It is so excited to be offering the following and we hope you’ll join us for our FIRST “Minutes to Change” Event on Saturday, March 10th in celebration of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! #pressforprogress

Understanding so passionately the we learn from each other; when we share we succeed – and how the we can help the younger generation(s) of women rise, this Event came from the need to connect the generations, get us back to the days when wisdom was shared and needed by the younger generations but at the same time, those sharing wisdom learn too. They learn what younger women are going through; what their struggles of today are and how they can help them.

In this day and age of both challenges – but also what seems to be a tide of change, we are thrilled to offer this event doing all of the above and so much more.

This.  Is just the beginning and really, it can only take one thought, idea, piece of inspiration and wisdom – or

Minutes to Change.

Join us on SATURDAY, March 10th at 11:30 am for two hours of connection, passion, inspiration, education and CHANGE.  Lunch included in ticket price and if you are willing to “pay it forward” we can offer free tickets to young women in the Community who might otherwise not be able to attend.  We strive to include all. Everyone deserves the messages and inspiration.


3 Speakers – from different generations

Lunch and engagement: Enjoy a YUMMY lunch provided by Edgar and Joe’s

Final Segment: Minute Mentoring® Based on the “speed dating” concept this type of workshop was created to create conversation. At our event you will get the opportunity to spend time with various Mentors and learn from them in three key areas we are focusing on.  Come along to find out what they are!

Debrief: At the end we will get the opportunity to share what has been learnt; what the take aways were for all.


LOOKING TO SUPPORT?  Click HERE to enquire.


We are looking for three sponsors: Location, Food and Program Sponsor.  $500 each one and this will get you promotion on our website(s), Facebook Live interview if you like, Social media promotion, in our Brochure and a free ticket to the event.

The overall MENTORSHIP Sponsor: $1500. Knowing you are helping us create something meaningful we will offer all of the above AND jump through hoops to promote you if that’s what you’d like us to do! Mention you in any interviews that cover our event; print or otherwise. You’ll be offered (aside from your ticket for the event), 5 tickets to bring young women you feel would benefit (or we will find 5 women if you would prefer). You will have 5 minutes to speak; BANNER placement at the event and a table to promote your Business too if you’d like.

Sponsor a table: $75 – and we will brand it for you. The branded tables help us subsidize the tickets for the Mentees attending and all they receive.

Want to have a table to promote what you do?

  • If you are a Business/ Person who wishes to: there are 5 available for $50
  • If you are a Non-Profit Organization in the world of #mentalhealth: we have 5 to offer (free).

By purchasing a ticket for a young woman in your Organization, and allowing them the day off if need-be to attend this.

By purchasing a pay it forward ticket so we can offer these to the Community and/or subsidize the tickets for the Mentees.

Wish to promote your BUSINESS in our materials on the day? Contact us at and let’s talk!!

** we are a social enterprise and not a non-profit: we will be happy to offer you an invoice or letter indicating proof of Sponsorship.

** please help us if this sings to you; our goal is to be women of today helping women of tomorrow – and at the same time, we understand the learning will oh-so-go both ways 🙂


We’d love to have you.

Mentors: we are looking for women in our Community who are leaders in Business, Life and Health. The more the merrier. Come out to this event knowing you are changing lives.

* You/ Your business will be highlighted in future on our upcoming Facebook Group

Ticket price: $35

Know that you are the start of something very exciting and this event is only the first step in a big journey we have planned!

Mentees: we are looking for young women 18-30 who either work, are at School/ Uni / Higher Education; who are young Moms or who are looking for help in the world. Come and pick the brains of the incredible minds we have in our City; connect with them and let’s create something awesome.

Ticket price: $15

You will be able to learn more here about our BRING IT IMPACT AGENT program also.
As they say…

It takes a Village.


Please check back soon for ticket link.

  • Email us at to hold your spot; you’ll be the first to know when tickets are on sale.
  • Find us on INSTAGRAM: womenwhobringit – and stay in the loop daily.

CAN’T wait!

Women Who Bring It


Details about Minute Mentoring®:

Minute Mentoring® an award-winning women’s leadership program featuring fast-paced,
small group mentoring sessions – akin to speed dating –
for women leaders and young women rising stars.
The program was co-founded in 2009 by former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino;
Dee Martin, a Partner at Bracewell LLP; and Jamie Zuieback, a PR Manager at Latham & Watkins. To date, the program has reached thousands of women
at events all across the country.


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