Bring It.

The “Adulting” Journey

We feel we can help young adults flourish in life. And with today’s challenges we feel strongly about doing so.

Email us at for information regarding our upcoming, inaugural event.

WANT TO BE PRESENTING SPONSOR? $3000 – and this will allow us offer food to the attendees! Apparently, if we feed them, they will attend!


About the Day:

On Saturday, September 30th we are truly excited to be offering our inaugural event at King’s University College.

Tickets are only $7 for this morning of inspiration, connection, interaction and more.

This is open to anyone (yes! Co-ed!) between 17-26 regardless of where you are on your journey. Whether at school, in the workforce, at College, University….or searching for your place, this is for you!

Registration is at 10:00 a.m. and the day ends at 12:30.

At every event we will be offering ONE person in this age the opportunity to speak and share their insight. We have an incredible young woman doing so at this first event. We want YOU to hear from YOUR age group the struggles that are being dealt with – so you know you are not the only one!  We also want to be a platform to help those who have a desire to share their voice; to offer them their first opportunity to do so!


A whole boatload of reasons. We’ve been this age and understand the struggles. We’ve got children in this age group and and understand their struggles. And … with so much confidence lacking out there in the world; judgement; pressure to “be something” we wanted to let our young adults know they aren’t alone.

For those coming who are at University we timed this at this time specifically for a reason: It’s a fresh year, mid-terms will be looming and we wanted to offer some tactics that may help them get through this stressful period – far more stress free!

For those at school wondering what steps to take next, let us help you take those next steps with more insight, understanding and knowing you aren’t alone.

Some of us have also struggled with things that are struggles nowadays; from lacking in confidence, to finding it hard to face fears or find our voice. From body image (both sexes!) to love of self; resilience and just wondering how the heck to become the adult we wish to be; many of us have been there and wish to share what got us through.

With a bit of help our incredible young adults; the future of tomorrow – can offer so much to this world. They just need to know we are behind them. And here at Bring It – we are!!


Great question!  We will be sharing our agenda very soon, however for now here’s some of what we are offering:

Speakers who’ve “lived” experiences are coming to offer what helped them and what can help you. Short presentations – you’ll be inspired by their words.

Topics being covered:


Confidence and Facing Fears

Gratitude and how it can help your mental health

Stress and Anxiety-management tools

And Jack Talks are coming to offer an inspiring, interactive workshop too!

Looking to the Future:

This is ONLY the start of this. We have many more of these events planned. If this first one is embraced with as much heart as has gone into offering it, we will excitedly be offering a follow up one – on topics which are relevant to YOU. We’ll be asking for your feedback so our events are dealing with “real time” issues, concerns, challenges for you.

Helping you be the best you can be….since it’s there in you!

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