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2018 Presenters!


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A heartfelt thank you to the incredibly inspiring Presenters this year:


Ruth Douthwright
Dance Artist and Movement Educator
Axis Syllabus

What advice would you give your younger self, Ruth?

“Listen more….ESPECIALLY to my Parents’ advice!”

How does your circle of friends help you through life; what do you look for and feel is important when creating these bonds?

“In my circles of friends, family and colleagues I look for and cultivate diversity, friction and play!”

We are SO pumped about Ruth’s Session; like no other – working with intuition, a kite and even our breath…..a must see!

Avery J. Hall
Dancer, Poet, Advocate for Body-love and self-exploration.

How does your circle of friends help you through life; what do you look for and feel is important when creating these bonds?

“I’m very picky about who I allow into my life. I look for people who are open-minded, (that’s SO important to me), vulnerable and lead with love.

I seek out dreamer and people who are bursting with passion and desire for adventure, because THAT’S what life’s all about!”

You are so wise Avery – and we are so excited that you – being under 20, are coming to speak to prove to our Attendees that everyone has wisdom to share!

Natascha Wesch, PhD
Mental Performance Consultant & Canadian Certified Counsellor

Natascha: what advice would you give your younger self?

“Things worth doing are challenging and require effort; embrace each obstacle as an opportunity to be excellent”.

We LOVE this!



Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist
Owner, NutritionRx: Jennifer Broxterman MSc RD

Jen: How does your circle of friends help you through life; what do you look for and feel is important when creating these bonds?

“There’s an old saying that goes: “There are two ways to have the tallest building in town. One is to work hard and build up. The other way is to tear everyone else’s building down to the ground”.

People can be similar, which is why my inner circle has been carefully selected and filled with positive, supportive, and uplifting people. People who believe in me, challenge me, build others up, and discuss big ideas about how to make the world a better place.

There is no room for people who use the tear-others-down approach. Choose your Circle wisely, for the right people, in the right place, who are truly supportive of you…can make magic happen!”

Thanks Jen! You certainly help others make so much magic with all you do!



Chantelle Diachina
Founder/Owner, Prana Yoga & Wellness

Chantelle’s advice to her younger self:

“Never stop doing the things you love; not for a boy, not to fit in and DEFINITELY not to silence the haters.

Stay BIG.
Stay BOLD.
And Stay YOU.”

LOVE this Chantelle!

Founder, Carolyn Martyn
Health Coach, Life Coach,
Inspiring women to SHINE

What advice would you give your younger self?

“Love yourself.
Believe in yourself and your with.
Stop worrying so much.
Avoid comparing your “flaws” to others’ “perfection” (neither are true).
Stop thinking you are less than everyone else.
And use your voice; you’ll find that when you do? The world keeps turning”.

Thanks Coach Carolyn! Some good advice to live by!



Carol Fickling FMA, CIWM, CIM
Fickling Wealth Management
Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor
Financial Planner

How does your circle of friends help you through life; what do you look for and feel is important when creating these bonds?

“I think that people should pick their friends that provide diversification and enhancement to your life. Don’t surround yourself with people just like you. Choose friends that stretch, motivate and encourage you but at the same time, have those friends that will also tell you the truth you don’t want to hear”.

This is GREAT and important advice Carol; thank you!



Emma O’Connor AKA The Spiritual Ninja!

Emma: what advice would you give your younger self?

“Little Emma:


While you’re doing that the world will test you, many, MANY times. Remember your power!

Darling, you have everything inside you that you need to make it through. You are perfect AS YOU ARE. YOU are so loved!

Oh… and sometimes you’ll have BIG feelings in your heart; some will make sense and others won’t. Please don’t be scared to feel, let them move through you; they will come and go.

You can call on your close friends, your parents or your mentors for a listening ear. If you do not feel heard then find someone else who will hear. You will find that person who can hold your pain when you can’t.

You, my love, are NEVER alone.


Love Big Emma.”.

K. We’re sort of lost for words reading this, Emma. This is beautiful and life-changing for someone reading this today. <3

Rebecca D’Souza
Youth Outreach Worker
Youth Gambling Awareness Program, YMCA of Western Ontario

Check out her advice coming soon!

Morrigan Reilly
Founder, Full Circle Ranch

We will have more info for Morrigan, or our Mental Health Speaker soon!



We are more than pumped that the incredible SAIDAT is joining us just after lunch to pump us up for the afternoon. She’s bringing an exciting message for all on how to “Be Confident, Be Bold, Be YOU!”.  Thanks Saidat!

Love her motto “Together, we can change the world”.  YES!



Just some of the topics Speakers are talk to on the BIG day:

Mental Health
Social Media and it’s challenges
Cyber Bullying
Online Gambling
The Powerful Mind
Body Love, Self Love
Nutrition: advice on healthy eating and developing an amazing relationship with food & body image
Tapping Into your Inner Warrior
Mom(Caregiver) and Girl Bond/ celebrations
Being “YOU” your way
And a whole boatload of inspiration!


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