Bring It.

Body Image

First of a three-part Series for girls 12-15.

Body Image, Perfectionism and Social Media are huge challenges for girls these days,.

  • From the images that are bombarded at them on social media.
  • From the pictures of “perfection” they see on tv, videos and movies.
  • From the pressures they get at school, from some people in their circles.
  • From seeing others’ “perfect” lives wherever they look; making them compare themselves and in their minds coming up less.

It’s hard for us as women to stay strong, believe in ourselves and “not care” about the noise out there.  So how can we expect our girls to?

Join our Body Love series; be part of our “movement” to help girls in our Community and beyond love themselves – or at the very least have the tools to learn to and the understanding about the reality of the world out there.

This is a 3-part Series with this workshop being the first one. More details to come.

* Body Image and Social Media
* Self Love and Perfectionism
* Self Talk/ Inner Dialogue
* Mindfulness
* Healthy, Happy You.

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Creating the inner strength in girls to help them BRING IT!


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