Bring It.


We are all about learning, inspiring, sharing, and helping – together. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s the amazing things that can happen when you have a group of people who have big hearts and want to help others succeed. It’s a beautiful thing.

Who is in our Community?

Impact Agents: young, incredible women 18-30 who help us with our Events, come out to workshops to offer help to our young attendees and who have so much to offer.

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NEW THIS YEAR: We are working on a mentorship program and certification just for our IA’s; stay tuned.


Women Who Bring It: These¬†are incredible women 30+ in our Community who again are coming together all for the good of our young. They remember when they were young and the challenges they had. They have big hearts and want to help offer their wisdom and create change in today’s difficult world.

We also highlight women in our Community who we feel “Bring It” to our Community as well as have regular events for all.

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