Bring It.


Carolyn Martyn
President and Founder

Carolyn is a passionate Motivational Speaker and Body Positive Health Coach.  She has spent her career educating and empowering her clients with wellness strategies that make sense.  Through her years of navigating her own health issues and that of her many clients, Carolyn recognized the need for positive impact from an earlier age.  This is the vision that brought about the launch of Bring It – the Social Enterprise whose mandate (amongst many!) is to deliver leadership and self-esteem events and workshops to youth and young adults as a prevention strategy for mental, physical and emotional health.  As a devoted wife, mother and lover of elephants she has found she can motivate others to inspire, educate and help our youth – and in turn empower audiences into action.

Media pressures, bullying, body image issues and more are at a high point. Carolyn had wanted to offer something for years, but didn’t have the courage to do so. However..regardless of the intense fear she felt at the thought of offering something – she literally “woke up” one morning knowing this was THE day she had to do this. Upon reaching out to a number of amazing women in the Community; she decided to “Bring It” herself….and the first Conference become a reality. With two large events for girls successes…they are now expanding into offering events for young women, young men and co-ed events also.

Bring It came about for a variety of reasons. Carolyn has had serious health challenges over the years, grew up with Body image issues, almost died and has struggled with anxiety. However she got through each challenge, learning from them, and has come through a stronger person for them. What if we could put the tools we as adults learn from each challenging situation into workshops and events for the younger generations – so they can learn these same things – but much sooner?

As Women age, most of us “get it”. We feel confident in our own skin; happy to just “be”, realize we don’t have to impress anyone. Many find voices to speak up, speak out, speak against something without fear. We realize we don’t have to look like a model or starve ourselves and that looking and feeling fit is so confidence-boosting! On top of that, by being involved within the Community, Carolyn saw the good women can do by supporting each other….not competing with each other. Why not help our young – have these positive tools before they hit high school, university…or their life journey?

Bring It was created which is inspiring, moving, educational, interactive. From large events to workshops and inspirational speaking, we hope that attendees and members leave feeling like they can conquer the world. We want to show them what it is like to support each other. What if we could send hundreds of young back into the Community each year with these tools and in turn they help each other? What if we made London a City of positive image, positive minds and positive words?

All you need to Bring to any of our events is your energy, your questions, your challenges and your need for information. Bring your anxieties, your confidences and your voice. Let us at Bring It, help you to enjoy your school years – and perhaps help others in the process.







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