Bring It.

2017 – It’s YOUR year to shine!

So. Shall we make this THE year? The year you feel your happiest, most confident self? The year you look fear in the eye and say “not today? I’m doing this regardless of the butterflies!”. The year you create more kindness for yourself, your friends, school, community?

With so much going on in the world, the one place – or “thing” we can control, is OURSELF.


You can choose your inner dialogue; how you talk about yourself and how you feel about yourself.

You can choose to LOVE yourself.

You can choose to be kind and helpful to those around you. To lend a helping hand when needed…or “just because”.

You can be the one who starts something at your school to help those less fortunate.

You can choose not to get involved in negative talk on social media when others are unkind.

There are so many things you could do this year to be a ripple in the tide of kindness, confidence and happiness in the world.

We at Bring It think kindness should be the focus of this year. We saw too much happen in the world in 2016 that showed us how some adults behave to get what they want – but which isn’t the appropriate way to go.

We want you to feel respected – by yourself and others. To feel happy, confident, less anxious and empowered. We also want to help girls get involved more in the Community.

Did you know? There has research on the fact that stress is decreased in people – when they put their focus on helping others feel better? What’s not to love about that, eh?! You’re feeling down in the dumps or anxious about something. Instead of focussing on the sad feelings surrounding you…instead you decide to help a fellow student who’s being bullied, or can’t understand their homework. Or perhaps you go to the local food bank; or you go to a Seniors’ Home and help out where needed. Because your focus is on something else, you feel happier, more empowered – and the upset of the moment decreases.

So at Bring It we are going to be helping all our 2017 attendees young and not so young, feel better by helping others and helping you love yourself more!.

So….sit down today. Pretend it’s the end of 2017. What did you do? What did you succeed at? How did it make you feel? Then write down 5 things you’d like to do this year that will make you feel incredible. They can be to do with school and sports, or helping others. They can be perhaps an achievement you’ve been aiming for, for a while.

Whatever they are; if they are important to you, write them down. And make 2017 the year of the most confident, happy, capable YOU!

See you soon!
Coach Carolyn

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