Bring It.

A big thank you….

Bring It #3!

We are extra excited about this one, since it’s REALLY going to be a day full of connecting generations. From our young girl attendees (grades 6-8), to the Bring It Impact Agents (awesome young women who tend to be 20-30 but can be any age if the role sings to them), Moms and Caregivers who are coming this year AND the General Volunteers who are all ages; talk about building community!  If we can create a perpetual loop of confidence, kindness and conversation…WOW!!!

We want to offer some major thank you’s to our Sponsors so far.  We are So grateful since we can’t do these events without the help. We refuse as an Organization to offer tickets at high prices and always want to have tickets available to offer for free also….so we are so very grateful for the help we get.


Carol and her Team have been huge supporters of Bring It for years now. We can’t thank them enough for being our Title Sponsor again and Carol herself is also one of our Organizing Team Members.



What can we say about ROYAL BANK?  Not only are they huge supporters of our Event(s) but they are organizing the Volunteers this year. Talk about an Institution that keeps on giving.  We are so looking forward to once more enjoying these incredible Volunteers on the day. They are so full of giving!




With thanks once more to RBC Global Asset Management. Again, what else is there to say but a huge thank you and offer them a massive virtual HUG?!  Without their help also, this day isn’t possible.  Thanks to them all for their support.


Yet another group of giving people, Fidelity Investments have supported us for the entire time we’ve been offering Bring It.  Always ready to lend us a helping hand so we can offer this day for girls and their Moms/ Caregivers. Thank you to all at Fidelity!


Looking for information on our Saturday, September 29th Event?  Fill out this Contact Form and we’ll get back to you asap! (If it’s the weekend….it’ll be Monday, but we WILL respond!




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