Bring It.

Panel of Perspective

We are very excited to be offering this, this year.

For Founder Carolyn, it is very important for people to connect, to understand if they are struggling they aren’t the only one(s) and for a community to work together. For girls to understand they have much wisdom regardless of age … and for Moms/ Caregivers to understand they aren’t the only ones who struggle with Parenthood.

If our inspirational day can help connect….we are happy!

Why is it the Panel of Perspective? Because we will be asking both girls and Moms/Caregivers for their (anonymous) thoughts throughout the day – some of these we shall share during the Panel. We hope Moms will imagine the thoughts “could” be their girl – and for it to create conversations at home and vice versa with the girls. This panel will help make each other more “human” to each other. Sometimes kids see their Parents as just the Parentfigure. But….this might help them understand they have struggles too and just want the best for their family.

And same with parents; we can sometimes get bogged down with being parents. This gives us a chance to connect (we hope!).

Helping us with this will be various Speakers as well as Members of the Community. More info to come soon!

Have some discussion ideas for future Panel topics? Let us know by filling out this form.


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