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Carolyn Martyn, Founder of Bring It has a passion for speaking; please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to book her.

Speaking Topics:

(Please note: Carolyn speaks to all ages and demographics so if you are looking for something in particular for your group please don’t hesitate to fill out the form below).

“Language of Love.”

Here Carolyn speaks to how we speak in front of the young girls in our lives (and even when they aren’t there).  They learn from us as parents, adults, mentors, teachers – and when we take the focus away from bodies, shapes, sizes and make it instead about strengths, abilities and power within, we help them learn what self love, a positive body image and confidence truly are.

From how we speak about our own bodies; being ‘self-deprecating’, to how siblings talk about their sisters and more.  Helping them create a positive mindset and language about their bodies is crucial.

“Stress, Social and Self.”

Carolyn is busy on social media and understands it is here to stay. But she’s noticed how pressured a huge number of kids are feeling – from what they see, to what they feel they “should” be. From FOMO to struggling with not being on it as much.

With anxiety and depression stats having increased since 2009 (advent of social media) in youth there is a significant number of them who actually WANT the help to not be on it as much; want their parents/caregivers to be more engaged when talking with them (ie, Parents are on social media a LOT too!) and want to learn how to control their emotions, feelings when they are on it.

This presentation covers the above and more and it’s a passionate topic for Bring It.

A few other titles of presentations:

  • Mindfulness for Confidence
  • From Struggle to Strength
  • How her Story created her Passion
  • Moms and Girls: helping them work together to create happy, healthy lives
  • Talking FOMO and NOMO
  • Be Confident. Be Bold. Be YOU!

Carolyn speaks to a range of topics: body image, facing fears and resilience, the pressures and how-to’s of social media, health challenges, being productive in life, creating healthy friendships and so much more.  If you’d like to have her come to a Group you are involved with, a School, Community Group or Event, please fill out the form below; she’d LOVE to speak at your event!

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