Bring It.

2019! Our wishes, goals and dreams :)

Welcome to 2019!

I am so excited here are Bring It for a new year and a new opportunity to help girls along with (sometimes) their Mom/Caregiver/Parent/Mentor sparkle in 2019 and beyond.

The Social Enterprise, “Bring It” was created for many reasons. One was I have had challenges in life connected to confidence and/or anxiety and body image. I’ve also pushed through and had health and wellness as a huge part of my life and believe this is a key to confidence in girls.  So…I’ve come through whatever challenges I may have had; used the support of others around me, built great relationships and through these things and so much more, succeeded. So…I want to help girls do the same.

Another BIG part of it is I’m passionate about helping girls and women love themselves. With my other “tiara” being in the world of health and wellness as a Coach, Trainer and Speaker… I see, speak and work with so many. Much of the time their are similar threads; not everyone – but enough that it’s important I try to help.  From small comments that put themselves down, to major, loud-speaker comments that make me want to try to “be a difference”.

I realize I can’t help everyone. But what I “can” do is try in my own small way, in my own small world….do something. Since the ONE person I work with might be someone who really needed the helping hand.

I read so many articles on body image, confidence, resilience, coping strategies, stress and much, much more….and what “gets” me is the fact that (especially when it comes to body image and bullying)…NOTHING has changed. What are we doing or not doing that this is the case? I’m on a mission this year to see what I can do to help try and swing this pendulum.

From Motivational Speaking to Workshops (some just for girls; some just for moms/ caregivers/ mentors; other for both together). From fitness for body positivity to stretch, relaxation and meditation.

My goal is big; the mountains high…but I’ve got those boots on and I’m ready to give it a go!

Do you want to be kept up-dated on all we are doing? Shoot me an email at: and I’ll add you to the monthly Newsletter list AND tell you our Social Media pages.

Happy, Healthy, Sparkly, Wonderful….

New Year to you!

Coach Carolyn

President/ Owner: Bring It.

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