Bring It.

The Bring It Movement

It’s been a while!

But….we are going to be back offering info, resources, fun and community here on a regular basis.

So what is it you’d like to hear about?

We are on a mission (let’s call it the “movement”) to create impact where we can. To connect people of all ages’n’stages.

On top of offering events of inspiration – we want these special days/ events to nudge attendees to consider more about what they can do; where they can help; how or who they can help someone….to create our small corner of the world and have it be kinder, full of empathy and people helping people.

So. Are ya with us?

We really hope so.  We can’t wait for 2019 (maybe sooner, but we’ll keep you posted).  We might not be able to correct or fix any topics such as bullying or confidence overnight….but we want to be part of the attempt at doing so and we will put our hearts and souls into doing so.


  • We love bringing people “in the know” into one space to offer their wisdom and advice.
  • We want to at least try to do what we can, where we can.
  • Workshops, fun events, pop-ups
  • Think Tanks
  • We want to offer resources to adults – so they know how to speak to the children in their lives.
  • We’d love to do WAY more of these so if your City is looking for a Bring It event….let us know and we’ll be in touch to let you know the steps.

This year we were thrilled that so many people in the Community purchased tickets for us to offer Community Organizations and some schools.  We are ALL over this and will be working with the Community to do this much more in the future so stay tuned. However in the meantime if you have resources that could help us in this regard, please let us know! Click HERE to get in touch.

We’ve already had women reach out to be Impact Agents in 2019. Interested? Fill out our form on the volunteer page and although the dates relate to this year, we will still be reading them and will be in touch. we are definitely looking to expand this role and do more with these incredible women. Click HERE for info.

As you can tell, we are pretty excited.  We have MUCH we wish to offer in the coming year(s) and if you in any wish to support our movement, we’d be so grateful to hear from you.  Fill out the form below and let’s chat.

Thank you to our London Community for being so supportive of this.


Carolyn and the Bring It Team

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