Bring It.

Our Event: WHY with Mom/Caregiver this year? To Celebrate for starters!

There are so many “why’s” we can’t list them all, but we will cover many topics on this day that seem to be challenges of today – and if we can offer any information, guidance, inspiration and motivation along the way….then we’re happy!

Previous events have been with a room full of girls. Along with young women between 20 and 30 (Impact Agents) and general volunteers of all ages, it’s a real “feel good feel” of community coming together.

But we felt an element was missing. If we are talking about health, happiness, friendships, resilience, challenges of any kind….it’s wonderful to help girls but we felt it important that Parents got the chance to both experience what their attendee is experiencing…but perhaps this day could open up the opportunity for conversations at home.

Why girls? Because Founder Carolyn had struggled herself and knows what girls can go through in some ways (obviously not all)…because she wanted to help “someone” and really, there is only one of her. She’d love to help many groups, demographics, but she could only pick one at this time for both her time and health’s sake….so this is what she began with.  She understood her challenges, passions and wishes made her step out of her comfort zone to try to do “something” in her way….and that others in the Community would do the same in an area they felt was needed. It’s a very inclusive event – understanding that some don’t identify with the word girl necessarily, but all are welcome.

We are SO very excited that Parents are attending this year.  There are very few events that allow young and old to celebrate together. A day of bonding while being inspired and learning about “how to’s” in today’s world.  We wanted to put together something that allowed in today’s busy times….for all to stop; take a breath for a day and enjoy each other – and learning with each other. Perhaps even learning more ABOUT each other.

The day begins and ends in celebration with all together. In between Moms/Caregivers go their separate ways for a couple of informative sessions.

We can’t wait for this day; because it comes from a good place. It is huge to put on and for a social enterprise that isn’t some big machine; that is a group of women in our Community just coming together to see what we can do to help others, we are so proud of this.

Want to organize something for a group but don’t know how? Reach out and ask. It’s just one foot in front of the other and when it comes from the right place it’s a beautiful thing!

Topics of conversation on Saturday, September 29th are many:

Body Image

Social media

Cyber Bullying


Healthy Eating for happiness

A strong and powerful mind


The Inner Warrior

Top tips for confidence

……and much much more.

So thank you for supporting and please ….. come on out with someone you love and help us help others.


Bring It Support

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