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Surviving and Thriving with Social Media

So as of January 2019, the world has 7.7 billion people; give or take since this number I’m sure has changed with more births in the New Year, eh?!

Of those 7.7 billion, there are 4.2billion internet users and 3.39b active social media users.

And get this: of 500 million users, Facebook sees approx. 8b (yes….. you read those numbers correctly) daily video views and similar for SnapChat.

I could go on with the stats (and…will be as I do more speaking and workshops on the topic); we KNOW it’s here and here to stay. It might have it’s negatives (ie, too much sitting, not enough eye-to-eye connection, anxiety and depression problems to name a few) but it has it’s positives also (ie, changing how people in the world can share the word on their businesses and businesses/ people can work globally on a much larger scale than before the advent of the internet).

So what’s going on? (rhetorical question there…).

We are seeing anxiety and depression in kids increasing in huge numbers.  We know spending too much time on it can lower how we feel about ourselves. And yet so many are on it.

I was shocked when I was researching recently and found the stats relating to internet usage and social media. When I shared these stats with kids at a local high school recently – even their eyes bulged in surprise.

But I was also really hopeful…since THEY want to figure out this world as much as we do. A high percentage of them are actually worried about how much time they are on social media and want to do something about it.

But Mom…Dad….Caregiver….

It’s not just them.

They are also feeling that you can be disengaged when they are trying to to talk to them.

As you know, at Bring It we are VERY passionate about confidence, body image, mindset and more.  We are here to help kids succeed. And we know with them seeing what appears to be perfection on social media daily (hourly….minutely even (and I don’t mean small there)), that it affects how they see themselves so body image is affected.  We need to work not just with them to help them embrace social media healthily but to be role models also. We gotta walk the walk.

Stay tuned since we’ll be offering a workshop on this soon with tips and know-how and to collectively try to help each other. I’ll also be travelling around speaking to groups and schools  – really, whoever will listen – since this is definitely something I want Bring It to help with.

In the meantime try these two things to start the ball rolling in helping your child/ teen in this world:

  • Talk with them – no phones around – about how they feel about social media; does it stress them? Do they feel they are on it too much. Do they want help with this? And be open; talk with them about how it makes you feel too.
  • Create a plan with them. Small at first like any behaviour change. Take one hour a day for instance where it’s phone-free time.  Where you agree together to stay away from social media. Even create this time as “talk time” or board game time with them (get this, our Son is 22 and we still play boardgames by the hour and have such incredible conversations; spending time without our cell-phones is crucial for this and the end-result is so worth it; the bonds built for years to come).  Create “something” to do rather than saying to just stay off it. But have them be part of this decision. If they have ownership of the idea or at the least input…they will be more prone to move forward with it.
  • Then honour this decision.

We aren’t against social media at all (heck, we at Bring It need it too!) but we do want to do our part in helping kids ….control their feelings when using it – rather than the other way around.

Helping our kids: Bring It!

Carolyn and the Team


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