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Everything we do is a Team effort and as such, we are grateful for all those who offer their time. Please see email us at if you are interested.


If you wish to help at any of our Events, workshops, seminars or retreats please email us by clicking here: 
BRING IT IMPACT AGENTS (previously “Youth Leaders”):
We always engage young women 20-30 to help us, so if this is you and you have a passion to help younger minds succeed, don’t hesitate to contact us! Young women of today, helping young women of tomorrow. This role is integral to what we do and we are offering upcoming “Think Tanks” so we’d love to hear from you. It’s an inspiring, enjoyable Role. Not 20-30 but this “sings” to you?  Let us know! We want women who embrace the role so if it’s you….we’d love to hear from you!

For more information don’t hesitate to email us at If you are wishing to be an Impact Agent, please fill our our Bring It Impact Agent Application form (tab in menu) and we will be in touch with all successful applicants.

What is the Role of the Impact Agent?
  • to be at the Event the entire day (as well as attending a mandatory “team meeting” just prior to. Please see dates on application form and only apply if you are able to make a meeting date.  We need these to ensure we are all on the same page for the day and to have a run-through of exciting activities.
  • to be friend, mentor, cool-woman, and guide for our attendees on the day.
  • you help facilitate the activities and keep the enthusiasm flowing with your group of 4 girls.
  • you can create conversations based on what the Speakers deliver/
  • you can keep your small troupe engaged and kind with each other; so everyone feels included

The Impact Agents arrive just before attendees and are assigned 4 girls to be mentor to for the day. What began as a thought of wanting to have young women included so they could be looked up to by the young girls and in essence give the girls hope for the future and reason to feel confident growing up; actually turned into a role that the young women got just as much from. It’s been a beautiful thing watching this role grow and we have more plans for the future.

Who do you have to be?

You! Whether you are confident, happy and know your journey in life already or someone who’s struggled and learnt from them; perhaps you are still working your way along your life’s path and are wanting to help young girls know their abilities….we want to hear from you all. Don’t think you have what we are looking for? Try us! You will be surprised. We are all about empowering and often we learn when we are learning to help others.

Any questions? Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to answer!
The Bring It Team 🙂

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