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Ariel Social Media!

We’re getting back to our regular blogs highlighting women in our Community or much farther afield who we’ve connected with and feel inspired by. Those who have a message for others.

This month we are highlighting Ariel Vaisbort.  We first met this wonderful young woman when she was with Her Campus at Western and instantly liked her energy, enthusiasm, giving nature and wisdom! We have been watching and thoroughly enjoying her journey – and wanted this amazing young woman to share her thoughts:

Ariel is a recent Western grad who started her own business, Ariel Social Media. She works as a social media marketing manager, and is navigating post-grad life!”

What do you do?

I am a social media marketing manager and entrepreneur! I run my social media management business full time. I work with clients who run their own businesses and don’t have the time to be engaging and posting on social media. Social media can definitely be time consuming, but it’s something I love and it doesn’t feel like work to me. So I love helping people out with it! My journey has definitely not been what I thought it would be—I love instant gratification, and I thought that the second I started my business, I would be a millionaire. Apparently, that’s not how things work. It has taken a lot more time, energy, and stress than I ever imagined it would, but being my own boss and making my own decisions has been entirely worth it.


Are there any significant challenges you had growing up?

I was raised by a single father, who did an incredible job, in my opinion. As a result, I had to grow up pretty quickly and take care of myself and my family at a pretty young age. I hold myself to very high standards, and I put a lot of pressure on myself; way more than I should. Now that I’m an adult, a big part of my life has been learning not to put so much pressure on myself and not to be so hard on myself all the time. It’s a learning experience.


Confidence can be shaken….what do you do when these moments crop up – if they do?


The biggest thing that I have to remind myself is that everyone I meet is not going to like me. I was not put on this earth to please everyone around me. And that’s fine. Not everyone is going to like me, and I might not like everyone I meet. I think that’s the best lesson I’ve ever learned. Being me, being genuine and real, and not everyone’s gonna like it, and that’s OKAY.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?


Like I said, not being so hard on myself. I think as kids we don’t realize how insignificant our problems are. Everything feels like the end of the world. You get in a fight with a friend, and it feels like the world is crumbling around you, when in reality, none of it will matter in a week or a month or a year. I look back at myself in high school, and I don’t remember who I wasn’t talking to or what the drama was. None of it impacted me at the end of the day.


Thank you SO much Ariel!! If you want to reach this firecracker…here’s how to do so!,,


We love all of our Women Who Bring It….and those making this world a sparklier place!

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